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Nothing to see here (yet) - A long onverdue move to a new URL

The Making of the Atomic Bomb

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

How I handle email (which is not how everyone should, but you may find some of these useful)

Flashpoint: Trieste

Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

Voices in my head, 2019 edition

ASH 2018 unposted posts

The drunkard’s walk: How randomness rules our lives

Buffet: The making of an American capitalist

A Wrinkle in Time 👎

The three flavors of interleukin-15

Yes, CAR-NK cells are exciting (as exciting as they can get after a phase I single-center yet-to-be-published trial)

Ending medical reversal

Stubborn Attachments

Applied minds: how engineers think

If on a winter’s night a traveler

Ne, niko sa Stanforda nije pronašao lek protiv raka, i zašto uopšte čitate dnevne novine?

The death and life of great American cities

The Last Jedi 👊

Kako je NATO bombardovanje postalo zgodan izgovor za sve zdravstvene probleme u Srba

What I believe that most people probably don’t (no data behind this, just the armchair)

Brush up on your Serbian

A few unpopular (in certain circles) opinions from a person who has no rights having them

Voices in my head, 2018 edition

The hero with a thousand faces

50/50 👍

Doctor Strange 👎

Black Swan 👍


La La Land


Hacksaw Ridge

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang




Manchester by the Sea


The Dark Forest

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

While We’re Young

Begin Again

Captain Fantastic

How to write a thesis

They Came Together

The Autopsy of Jane Doe


An Education

The Three Body Problem

Children of Men

The culture that is Nortwest Washington DC

And the fiddling continues

→ Annals of internal medicine: Curiosity

Na ivici

Submitted without comment

Blic je kao saobraćajna nesreća

Level up


A od nekih stvari mi pozli

Defamacija, difamacija, kleveta

Pad i propast srpskog interneta

Podcast time


Also, this is happening

The 7:07 train dilemma

Yes, but why?

Locked in

Sve se vraća

Shonda Rhimes on work

Can you post to a Pelican blog from iOS?

High-dose cyclophosphamide for GVHD prophylaxis

Programming, meet medicine

Lečenje u NIH-u

A yearly welcome

The overhead

Zbogom, Nemanjino - Koliko službenika je potrebno da se napiše jedno pismo?

Talk therapy

Vanredno stanje

Kaposi’s: not your every day sarcoma

The pitfalls of ultrasubspecialization

Male breast cancer: designing a trial

Male breast cancer, a slide show

Apple’s App Store rules, Dosegate edition

Opasnosti vrebaju

Adjuvant hormonal therapy in early stage breast cancer

Clinical Center Grand Rounds — Moxetumomab for hairy cell leukemia

The more you know…

A tale of two interleukins

In the ivory tower

Statistics resources for clinicians

BRAF mutations in non-small cell lung cancer

Why be a chief resident?

A few good pens

How to say “I don’t know” like an intern

Lymphoma, a post mortem

Myeloid sarcoma, a slide show

On medical euphemisms

T-cell/histiocyte-rich large B-cell lymphoma - And other mouthfulls

History of advance care planning in the US

Stem cell transplants, a slide show

Pain. And Palliation. - A rotation post-mortem

Peti oktobar, 2014

Posle USMLE-a: pozivi

It’s well-known that most common knowledge is false

How to spend a Monday morning train ride

No, there’s nothing wrong with your attention span

Which opioids are safe in kidney and liver failure?

What I learned and unlearned on bone marrow transplants - A rotation post-mortem

What is the evidence for that?

Moj prvi dan na poslu

Farewell, Squarespace. - Hello, Pelican!

Research during residency

Down the vim rabithole

June 2014, final tally

Goodbye, Sinai

Three tech tips for new interns

Managing photos with Transporter, Hazel, Picturelife, and Backblaze

Just can’t get a break

A podcast a day

Šta posle Stepa 1?

To Cuba and back

Get a journal article through your library proxy quickly with Alfred 2

Kako ljudi u Srbiji preživljavaju teror pušača?

Why doctors shouldn’t use Google services

Da li bih sve ponovo?

The difference between being well and feeling well

Starting the New Year with Slogger

Two podcasts, three doctors, one good show

Ten common residency idioms and phrases

As a one-time interviewer and two-time interviewee…

USMLE, ponovo

30 iPad apps I use almost every day

Peti oktobar 2013

Šta se dešava u Vašingtonu

On RVUs, sort of

On patient notes and busy interns

Attending APDIM Chief Residents’ Meeting


No more excuses


Zadovoljan pacijent je mrtav pacijent


Da li su medicinski kongresi prevaziđena stvar?

Koliko su američki lekari zadovoljni svojim poslom?


Tri kratka (za NYT) članka o raku



10 stvari koje treba znati o migreni

Zašto Amerikanci toliko troše na zdravstvo?

10 stvari koje treba znati o pneumoniji

Šta slušam dok perem sudove

Broj 1 u Americi (1991-2011)

Da ponovim



Dobrovoljni robovi



26 y/o WM w/ OCD


Živ sam…