That high-dose cyclophosphamide is being used for haploidentical donor transplants is well-known in circles that know what haploidentical transplants are. When I saw that Hopkins transplanters used it as single-agent prophylaxis in HLA-matched related donor transplants, I was intrigued enough to do a full literature review. This is the result, presented as a slightly-too-long fellow lecture, all 100+ slides of it.

Since I have a hard time remembering facts unless I know the history behind them, the section about the works of Dr. George Santos is rather long. It was also important to show that crude animal models can be both helpful (in telling you that higher doses of cyclophosphamide work better for GVHD prophylaxis that lower) and misleading (in making you think high-dose Cy is toxic to hematopoietic stem cells, thus changing your clinical trial design).

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You can view a full-screen version of the slideshow here.

As this may be incomprehensible without someone explaining the slides, I may one day upload a version with a voice-over.