As first-year fellows, we have to present a case at the Medical Oncology Service tumor board every four weeks. Obviously, I can’t share the details of those talks here. But I can post a sanitized version of my slides, with all identifying information removed.

My first talk was about a patient with myelodysplastic syndrome who underwent a stem cell transplant—the most straightforward case I could think of from my time on the transplant team. Of course, there is nothing straightforward about stem cell transplants—most internal medicine residency programs don’t expose you to them at all. Which is why I wanted to discuss the whole transplant business.

Most of the slides are not self-contained—I don’t like the wall-of-text school of slide design—but may be a useful starting point. Most graphs and tables have a references listed. The national statistics come from the CIBMTR website and are available to everyone for download.

You can view a full screen version of my first talk ever here. A smaller version should be embeded below.

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